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There are more detailed information here about all current characters of my "Age of DOOM" mod...

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CHARACTERS: I will mention about all current characters of my mod in this article. I will mention about the characters that have an important role. There are 2 different character groups. The first group contains The Martian Civilization section's characters. The second group contains The UAC section's characters.



Type Marine

MARINE (Martian Human): He is an elite soldier. He has an objective together with his co-worker Sarge. Their job is to protect Samuel Hayden in the process of Samuel Hayden's teleportation portal gate experiments. Despite he escorts Samuel Hayden he is against Samuel's teleportation experiments due to previous teleportation mistakes and possible experiment risks. Also he is the "fake main character" of Episode 1.

Type Old Sarge-->Type Marine

SARGE (Martian Human): He is not an elite soldier. He is a regular soldier. His objective is same with his co-worker Marine. Unlike the Marine he supports Samuel Hayden's teleportation experiments. However after going to the Hell his opinions change totally about Samuel Hayden. Also he gears Marine's equipments against Demons after the Demon Invasion. He is the "real main character" of Episode 1.

Type Teutonic

SAMUEL HAYDEN (Martian Human): He is the genius Martian Scientist who invents the teleportation. He wants to teleport to new planets to colonize all universe. He wants to rule the whole universe by creating new colonies on each planet. He is a very ambitious person. However his experiments cause many teleportation mistakes in the past. Also the Martian Civilization becomes too poor due to wasting all budget for his teleportation experiments. His last teleportation place becomes the Hell planet. Also he is the creator of the Soul Cube artifact.


SOUL CUBE (Martian Artifact): The special Martian artifact that is made by Dr. Samuel Hayden. It has some magical and special powers to protect Martians against external threats. After the Demonic Threat Samuel Hayden upgrades this artifact against the Demons. Also it becomes the only possible thing that can stop Demons. It needs a user to work. The user needs to charge it enough to be able to activate its effects.

CYBERDEMON (Ancient Boss Demon): It becomes the King of all ancient Demons by killing the ancient Spiderdemon in 1vs1 duel. It is tall, huge and muscular. It has its own Rocket Launcher. After it encounters with Samuel Hayden it wants to combine the positve features of Human and Demon Races to create a new Mixed Race. However Samuel doesn't agree its opinions. After the Samuel's reject it invades the Martian Civilization with its Demon Army from the open portal. It aims to obtain the teleportation technology to conquer all planets.

SPIDERDEMON (Ancient Boss Demon): It is the rival of the Cyberdemon. It creates a rebellion against the Cyberdemon's Kingdom with its Arachnotron troops. After the rebellion it visits the Cyberdemon alone to offer Cyberdemon a 1vs1 duel. Despite it has a super chaingun it is killed by its rival Cyberdemon in the 1vs1 duel.


Type Marine

MARINE (Human): He is an elite UAC Marine. He comes to the Mars with the order of his commander Thomas Kelly. Because some UAC Personels are killed or get lost due to Betruger's dangerous teleportation experiments. After the Demon Invasion starts Marine starts to struggle against the Betruger along with the directions of his commander Thomas Kelly. He is the "silent protagonist". He can sprint. He can use several weapons including the BFG.

Type Teutonic

ELLIOT SWANN (Human): He is the "UAC Counselor" who is tasked by the "UAC Administration Board" due to Betruger's dangerous teleportation experiments. His aim is understanding the purpose of the Malcolm Betruger. Also he wants to control Betruger's dangerous experiments. After he understands Betruger's purpose everything becomes too late for him. Also he always has an elite bodyguard to escort himself.

Type Marine

JACK CAMPBELL (Human): He is the elite bodyguard of Elliot Swann. He always escorts Elliot Swann as the bodyguard. However despite he is an elite bodyguard he becomes totaly useless in the trouble moment.

Type Marine

THOMAS KELLY (Human): He is the UAC Commander. He always gives Marine his new objectives. After the Demon Invasion starts Marine tries to reach Alpha Team but Alpha Team is possessed by a Lost Soul. After that Marine tries to reach Bravo Team but Bravo Team is ambushed by Cacodemons. Then Thomas Kelly and Marine try to meet with each other to destroy the Deimos portal together.


MALCOLM BETRUGER (Human): He is an UAC Scientist. However he is not a regular Scientist. He is the head of all teleportation portal gate experiments. Because he invents the teleportation after getting help from Samuel Hayden's old Martian Tablets. One day he visits the Demon King in the Hell planet for 2 weeks. After this vacation he becomes different. He becomes more arrogant, ambitious, aggressive and weird. After the Demon Invasion he becomes the "head of Demons" along with some Demonic Powers despite he is a Human. He is the "main antagonist". He taunts Marine and teleports new units against Marine during the campaign process. His aim is bringing Demons to the World by capturing the Space Ships that come from the World to the Mars.

JONATHAN ISHII (Human): He is the missing scientist until Marine finds him again in "Old Communication Building". When the Marine finds him in there he informs Marine about the starting of the Demon Invasion. After that a Lost Soul possesses him into a new Zombie like the original DOOM 3.

VEGA (Artificial Intelligence): It is the "head of all UAC Mars Base electronic system processes" despite it is an artificial intelligence. It can think and make a decision like Humans. It can control all UAC Mars Base electronic systems. It can command UAC Security Devices and UAC Sentry Bots. However it has certain limits due to authorization lacking. It doesn't have an unlimited authorization for all processes. So Marine needs to help it by obeying its commands. Also it can be inactive if its electricity runs out. It can be hacked by Demons to use it against Marine. It will try to command and help Marine after the Demon Invasion.

SOUL CUBE (Artifact): It is the resurrected form of the Martian Soul Cube. It is resurrected in "Delta Labs Resurrection Chamber". It is captured by the Betruger to prevent Humans stopping the Demon Invasion. It is controlled by Demonic Control Devices. It needs to be alerted to wake up.

CYBERDEMON (Boss Demon): It is one of two Demon Bosses. It has same physical and offensive features with its ancestor. It aims to conquer both the Mars and the World as the first step. It is directed by Betruger. It tries to protect the Deimos portal against Marine. Also it is the major killer of the Vampire King.

SPIDERDEMON (Boss Demon): It is one of two Demon Bosses. It has same physical and offensive features with its ancestor. It aims to conquer both the Mars and the World as the first step. It is directed by Betruger. It destroys UAC Security Systems with its super chaingun. Also it likes to chase Marine to kill him but it can't succeed to kill him. After Marine achieves to run away from it many times it sends its minion Arachnotrons to Marine instead of dealing with Marine itself.

VAMPIRE KING (Boss Vampire): It is the Vampire King who commands all Vampire Troops. It becomes ally with Demons to share both the Mars and the World with Demons in the early invasion. After it starts to realize some facts about the Demons it changes its side. It starts to help Marine and fight against Demon Troops along with its Vampire Troops. It rescues Marine a few times and sends new Vampire Troops a few times to Marine to support Marine. However later it is trapped and killed by Cyberdemon and Spiderdemon.

SABAOTH (Possessed Human): Betruger transforms Thomas Kelly into this creature with his Demonic Powers after capturing Thomas Kelly. Thomas Kelly is not a Human anymore. It only focuses to kill its target(s) like a Zombie. It doesn't have a heart and mind anymore like Humans. It is an emotionless monster.

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