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... and how to beat your best friends to the bone!

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While making the game, there was a bit of a competition between me and the main tester: Alex. Spoiler alert: he beats me square and fair, so please follow the tips below (coming from the loser), and explose its highscores (I know, it makes no sense).

-Air Madness is an endless "runner", you must go as far as you can, and eventually, you'll die. Damn that game really is a metaphore of life.

-To make great scores, you sould avoid the rocks, the icebergs or the magma, depending on wich of the three initial environments you play. To do so, just press the left side of your screen to turn left and the right side to turn right. You're good to go.

-You can pick up bonuses while flying (the blue boxes). They'll give you, if you don't already possess one, a missile to shoot at rocks, or a Jump to elevate yourself (still threading that metaphore...) over the obstacles.

-You'll notice wings hovering at your altitude, the yellow ones grant you 1 WingPoint and the red ones grant you 5.

-You can use the collected WingPoints to unlock new planes. The more expensive they are, the best they turn. They'll also collect bonuses more often. Speed affects the lateral translation, Agility affects the delay before changing direction and the Equipment is related to bonuses gathering.

-If you want to progress faster, you can buy WingPoints with real currency in the store. You can disable the ads there too. I got kids to feed and not a ounce of integrity anymore.

-In the Options you can deactivate the annoying music, set the most suited graphic level and save your progression online. For now, you cant reapply it do to a bug. It's the only bug, every others are features.

And... that's it for tonight folks! I hope you'll enjoy playing Air Madness as much as I enjoyed making it!

Fly safe!


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