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A timeline I thought off to go behind the game March of the Reds (coming soon for printable download here on Moddb). This is mainly for entertainment purposes, but might be the bases of several scenarios for the game. Remember, MOTR's goal is to be the most complex, realistic, USA vs USSR strategy Board Game in existence, so no made up war Tesla Coils and Apoc Tanks (for now...)

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Timeline of WW3, Part 1

1989 –

Berlin Wall Breakdown/Battle of Berlin II – Soviet Forces bash through the Berlin Wall and attack the
local defense forces. WW3 is declared and Germany is occupied by the USSR

Spetsnaz is Seattle/Washington Landings – Soviet forces infiltrate Seattle and disable Radar-Defense and Anti-Air systems. Full invasion force then dropped in by air and soon reinforced by the seas.

Advance to France/Battle of Paris – Soviet forces march on into and take Paris, France has been defeated once again. Considered the “Joke of the War”

Alaska Oil Raid – Hoping to disable the American war machine, USSR troops attack Alaska and
destroy/capture all oil derricks and refineries.

1990 –

Normandy Counterstrike – British forces, still holding the Normandy beaches, attack the Soviet Union
and push them back to Paris. A stalemate occurs.

Fort Knox Assault – Soviet forces, coming from Canada, attack the Treasury at Fort Knox. Though a lot of gold was taken, US forces finally get an edge and turn the tables on
the Commies on the American Front.

Operation Flash in the Pan – Soviet forces attempt to attack and take Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada as an attempt to keep a holding in the United States. However, their “Grand March” turns to disaster as the fully alert Air Base, with Army reinforcements being flown in, ambushes and
overwhelms the Soviet tank columns.

Middle East March – The USSR, successful in the distracting of the USA, march through and claim
multiple Middle Eastern countries and their oil fields. Israel is one of the first to fall, along with Gaza and Iran. Iraq holds the line however, and pleas for help.

Operation Crop-Duster – The full might of the US Air Force and Navy push Soviet forces to the
California coast, where they retreat or become scrap metal.

1991 –

German Uprising – German resistance forces, armed with outdated but still effective weaponry, attack and retake storehouses containing their beloved Leopard 2 tanks.

A Pure Nation Once Again – US forces come across a pocket of Soviet units in the plains of Idaho.
Surrounded and outnumbered, the Soviet tanks put up a Hell of a fight, refusing to surrender. Eventually, the Commies are eliminated. No more USSR forces are in the States.

Battle of Jerusalem – While Soviet tanks continue to roll through the Middle East, Israeli Reserves,
along with US reinforcements, retake the stretched defenses around the Holy city. However, after the battle, Israeli men open fire on the tired and weakened American soldiers. This has been later known as the Holy Land Massacre, which infuriates the American population.

Defense of Egypt – UN forces build a defensive line at the Suez Canal, hoping to halt the Soviet march.
They are successful, but at a high cost in casualties.

Sneak Attack on Japan – Chinese forces attack the US-occupied Japan. With the Japanese base being
outdated, the Red Army eventually roll over the defense forces. This is considered the day China entered the war, aligned with the USSR.

Turning Sand to Glass – The United States, fed up with Israel and the Soviet forces in the Middle East,
decide to eliminate the source of fighting in one blow. US forces must evacuate all diplomatic personnel and the majority of civilians before the procedure occurs, while under fire from the Soviets. Multiple ICBMs launched from the States barrage Israel, primarily Jerusalem. At this point, all countries begin to question the ethics of the US.

1992 –

The Bombing of Berlin… Again – USSR bombers fly over Germany, hoping to extinguish the rising resistance. However, the Germans backed up the British, lock down their position. When Soviet “Clean-up” forces move in, they are surprised to find EU tanks in near-perfect condition, and angry.

Luftwaffe Rising – German and British forces retake the multiple airfields that the USSR has claimed. They fight hard resistance, but are supported by Tornadoes from a recently liberated airbase.

Returning the Favor – US forces invade China and attack relentlessly. When the Chinese begin to
crumble, Soviet forces move in and help to try and hold the land. However, American forces are determined and eventually break through the defenses.

Occupation of Beijing – US forces decide to move in and capture the capital city of Beijing. At this
point, the Americans have calmed down and have reverted to “politically correct” fighting, refraining from bombing and mass-destruction. But when Soviet SCUD launchers move in around the
city, the populace decided to switch sides, fighting their own people in a miniature civil war.

Back to the Swamps – A small US detachment moves through Vietnam to try and resupply the forces in
China. While doing this, they come under fire from Guerilla forces, flying the flag of North Vietnam. Another Vietnam War has erupted; luckily the lightly armed convoy came across an old, abandoned base from the first war. Phantoms and Pattons fight MiGs and Viet Cong once again.

Crossing the Red Sea – Soviet forces cross the Red Sea and begin landing invasion forces in Sudan. British forces try and hold the line, but eventually fall. A distress call is sent, and US forces begin moving in.

1993 –

Battle of Egypt – Soviet forces come from Sudan and the Suez Canal, moving in on Cairo. The UN has
redirected all available forces in the area to protect the city. The US has sent some reinforcements by air, and combats the Soviets in the city outskirts. However, when the Soviets begin using Nuclear
weapons on the city, UN forces pull out and retreat to the Mediterranean. Egypt falls to the USSR.

Soviet Expansion through the Dunes of Glass – Though Israel is history; the USSR continues to expand on its campaigns and reached Afghanistan. There is a small UN force at Baghdad determined to prevent another country from falling. They are successful at stalling the Soviets, but the battle here is far from over.

Reclaiming China – With China fighting itself, the US occupation force decided to get out of dodge
and reinforce the forces in Vietnam. However, with a large Soviet battalion moving in, the Americans make a final stand, before high-tailing it.

Evacuation of Japan – The Soviet Union strikes again at the weathered defenders on Japan. The US
decides to cut losses and retreat after a grueling, long, bloody battle on the coasts.

Battle of India – The Soviet Union continues to expand and has reached India. However, a fresh UN task force is ready and waiting to protect the country. Though the Soviets do a lot of damage, they cannot get a good foothold in the country. They back off and reinforce their current position.

Asia Declared Lost – With the Soviet Union and her allies continuing to take more and more land in Asia, US forces gather together for a final stand in Vietnam. They are successful at holding their base (now named fort Final Hope) long enough to successfully evacuate. They move down to Australia. Though the USSR hasn’t shown much interest in that area, the UN knows they will come eventually.

Convincing the Tribes – With Africa rapidly falling, the British send out a small company of tanks and
infantry to travel around to different villages in the area. They hope to persuade the locals to fight with them. However, they come across a Soviet squad doing the same thing. After a small skirmish,
the Soviets pull out, and the majority of local Militias declare allegiance with the UN.

1994 -

Battle of the Congo – Conjoined UN/Militia forces converge on one of the remaining countries that
haven't been taken over by the USSR. Their numbers and experience of the terrain gives them an upper hand in this battle. However, when Soviet tanks crossed the border, all Hell broke loose. Though the UN/Militia won, they were severely weakened, only a handful of troops remained. The Soviets retreated back behind the border, repairing their vehicles as they fled.

Repel to Somalia – A US task force comes upon the USSR battalion that attacked Congo, and decide to push them to the seas. As the Soviets move to Somalia, they fight desperately to survive the American onslaught. Though a few choppers were downed, the task group came out only moderately damaged, while the Soviets hide on the docks waiting for their transports to arrive.

Communist Madagascar – Instead of retreating to the Motherland, the evacuated USSR troops invade and take the island of Madagascar. All that defends the area is an outdated US base, which is quickly diminished. The Soviets began converting the island to a fortress of nuclear weapons and air bases.

Liberating France – When US forces finally get to the Paris standoff, their fresh troops defeat the
weary Soviet defenders. Though the Soviets send an air-based counter attack, the US/British soldiers hold the area. France is free, once again.

Iraq Fights Back – Iraq militias finally get enough strength to eliminate the Soviet occupation force.
However, as they celebrate on top of defeated Soviet tanks, enemy bombers are spotted incoming. The carpet bombing kills/wounds the majority of the Militia, however the Soviets don't have any local
forces nearby to reclaim the country. Iraq was been international labeled “Fair-Game.”

1995 -

Germany Breaks It's Bonds – With the German resistance regaining most of it's previous strength, they move on to retake Berlin. The Soviets bunker down; with Germany marching from the south, British from the west, and Americans from the North, they're cornered. This turns out to be the longest and deadliest battle of the war. However, the Soviets eventually retreat; leaving Germany, East and West, free and united.

A Chink in the Armor (Operation: Checkmate) – The United States see an opening in Soviet defenses, a
relatively clean shot to Moscow. Without informing the EU or the rest of the UN, the US sends in a small detachment of NAVY SEALs by air to infiltrate the city and attack the Kremlin. In the pitch darkness of the night, the SEALs avoid defending forces and slip into the Kremlin. After defeating the guards inside, the NAVY SEALs awake the premier with a rifle between the eyes. Peace talks soon follow, with the USSR at it's knees
Ceasefire of WW3 – September 11, 1995
– Result -

USSR now includes China, Japan, and Southern Asia. They keep full military bases in the middle east as a precaution.

The UN in grand total is not as heavily affected, other then millions of lost men. The British in particular though are aggravated that the US tried such a risky operation (mainly stealing glory, as the UK called it). Germany is glad that the Iron Curtain has pulled back and the country is united. They also get pardoned from the Treaty of Versailles in case the Soviets march again.

The US pulls back, leaving bases around the world to reinforce the States themselves. With the “police of the world” still being ridiculed for leveling the Holiest City on Earth, the US becomes a lot less involved in foreign affairs.

So, there be the end of the Early Years of the Great World War 3. But we are not done yet.

- What is to become of the Soviet Fortress of Madagascar?
- Is Israel really done for good? (Common, you know Merkava Tanks are cool, not as much as Abrams and Leopards, but we have to play with them!)
- What will happen on September 11, 2001 is this alternate history?
- Will the US regain it's reputation? Is it even still part of the UN?
- What are them cocky Brits conjuring up now?

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Wow. That's really good man.

Sounds like this game of yours will be really good. Has to be with a backstory like this.

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Thanks, with a Staff Development Day coming up, Part 2 might be out soon. (Infiltrating the Pentagon, Battle for Australia, the Great Back-stab, it shall be good!)

Again, thanks for the compliments.

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