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An article about the good times and challenges that we've faced throughout the development process, meeting new friends, having the project lost and recovering the project with a new mindset.

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Origin of Machine Made

I met Ryan several years ago. While visiting and playing Mario Kart 64 we started
talking about gaming. I talked about my love of fighting games, and
rpgs, and that was when Ryan told me about the project he was working
on. I got to play the original version and I found it fascinating.
Playing something made by someone you know instead of a company that
you follow was a really cool experience.

Afterward Ryan and I had lost touch
for a while, but I kept the game hoping one day I would get to play
one of the newer patches. I had randomly conversed with Ryan and he
had told me progress was being made but at the time he had all the
testers he needed. I still kept my copy. Then last year out we
reconnected on Facebook, and Ryan told me the game was gone. After
his computer crashed, and his testers no longer had copies he thought
it was gone forever.

I still had my copy which was the very
first version Ryan put together. Through tireless dedication, Ryan
has made what you see today. It has been quite the adventure so far,
and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes. It is something I
am thrilled to be part of because I have been able to not only test
it all but add ideas to the story. Our team is working tirelessly in
this shared dedicated vision and we cannot wait to share it with as
much of the world as possible.

To anyone who
plays Machine Made I hope you enjoy the nostalgia and challenge.
Thank you for supporting the dream.

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