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The Battle for Gela begins Mission made by lukeisonfirex Screenshots are to follow

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User Posted ImageThe 1st Infantry Division Lands at Gela, July 10th 1943, they were told that on the beach is "Light Resistance", that clearly wasn't the case. meeting fierce resistance on the beach, they spend hours on the beachhead before reaching the town of Gela, clearing trenches and Bunkers, and neutralizing artillery pieces.

the mission begins with your troops landing at the beach, you lose contact with the Captain and you must link up with him, you need to link up with him so you can get your orders on how to move off the beach.

you must then clear out a Forward position on the beach itself, a Small trench with Italians inside with MGs pinning your forces down you must clear out the trench position so your forces can move off the beach

after clearing that position a Optional Objective arises, and you can either clear the beach obstacles with Explosives (if you have any) or you can save your explosives for the Enemy AT positions in the trenches. if you manage to clear the main obstacles on the road leading off the beach you will be rewarded with 2 M4A3 Shermans, however you cannot take control of them, and if you save your explosives for the enemy AT inside the trenches then you will gain access to a M5 Stuart, which you can control

after clearing the forward position the player will then gain a option of attack for the next objective you must clear the trench positions and clear the 2 bunkers, to do this you can either climb the hill at the Forward Position and attack on the left and work your way to the right from behind, or you can move with your AI troops and attack head on, if you attack head on you'll get to the Bunkers quicker and gain access to ammunition, but if you attack up the stairs then it will be a slower approach to the bunkers and you will not gain anything...

after clearing the trenches, Italian Artillery pieces are raining fire on the landing craft and you must take them down

after that the final objective of moving into the Town of Gela and clearing it

Polskiee - - 43 comments

just like cod2

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WookieeDavidson Author
WookieeDavidson - - 315 comments

The Image, or the Mission, because the Image was taken from CoD1, as for the mission, it does look similar now after looking at it

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ottodeadman - - 146 comments

Where do i download?

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