Part 1 - Armored Divisions - InProgess
Part 2 - Infantry Divisions - InProgress
Part 3 - Airborne Divisions - InProgress
Part 4 - Marine Divisions (USA & Japan) - InProgress
Part 5 - Guard Division (Russian) - InProgress

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Mighty Divisions Part 1 - Armored Divisions follows the 4 main Armored Divisions in the Western Europe

US 2nd Armored Division - Fighting from Sicily 1943 to Belgium in 1944 in 7 Missions

1. Butera
2. Palermo
3. St Lo
4. St Algan
5. St Martin
6. Siegfried Line
7. Houffalize

British 7th Armored Division - After fighting in Africa the 7th Armored was moved to France to engage the Germans in Bocage Country from France 1944 to Germany 1945 in 9 Filling Missions

1. Villers-Bocage
2. Brigade Box
3. Cuvervilles
4. Bourgebus
5. Verrieres
6. Aunay-sur-Audon
7. Mont Picon
8. Emelhuen
9. Hamburg

German Panzer Lehr Division - Fighting from France to Belgium Fighting the British and Americans in 9 Missions

1. Hill 112
2. Tilly-sur-Suelles
3. Pont-Herbert
4. Le Desert
5. Wiltz
6. Hosingen
7. Margaret
8. Dinant
9. Cleves

and Finally the Canadian 4th Armored Division - from defeating the Germans at Falaise in France to the Island of Walcheren in Holland, the Canadians fight in 8 missions

1. Cramesnil
2. Trun
3. St Lambert-Sur-Dives
4. Eecloo
5. MoerBrugge
6. Middleburg
7. Goes
8. North Beveland

Bonus Parts

Part 6 - Commando Units (British) - InProgress
Part 7 - Fallshirmjeagers (German) - InProgress
Part 8 - Desert Warfare (Australian & SAS) - InProgress
Part 9 - Rangers Lead the Way (USA) - InProgress
Part 10 - All Together Now! (Multi-national) - Not Started
Part 11 - SS Never Surrender! (German SS (Public Vote) - InProgress
Part 12 - The Cold War (Non Fictional) - Not Started
Part 13 - Forgotten Missions (Left Overs & Important Battles) - Not Started

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SS Never Give In!

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The Public Vote for the SS has been carried and many people asked for the SS to come into play, so Here they are

3rd SS Panzer Division "Totenkopf" - The Death's head fights throughout the Russian Front, surviving onslaught upon onslaught they defend to their limits against the Russians in 8 missions

1. The Stalin Line
2. "Kampfgruppe! head for Bjakowo!"
3. The 3rd Battle for Kharkov
4. Eicke's Crashsite
5. Stepanowka and Hill 213
6. Bridgehead at Kremenchug
7. "Cherkassy is the town that could save many lives"
8. New Year's Eve Relief Force

1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Fight from France through Belgium and to Hungary in 8 missions

1. Black Death for the Black Watch
2. "Luttich" The Slaughterfest
3. Escape from Falaise
4. Follow the Peiper
5. Battle of Stavelot
6. British in La Gleize
7. The Escape to Knittel
8. The Vienna Offensive

Bonus Mission - Escape from the Gulag
- its September 1945, and the remaining troops of SS were captured earlier before in May, Soviet Troops captured them and they were placed in Gulags situated across Soviet Russia, and because of their war crimes they would be executed... Or would they?

The Gulag (Your SS troops have been placed in) is a converted labor camp positioned around a converted church, the church is on an island and its only accessible by boat except during a certain period of time during the day...

your objective in this nifty little bonus mission is to find your comrades from different parts of the Gulag without raising the alarm, you must then find your way to the armoury with only a handcrafted knife, once at the armoury; Raid it and escape with your comrades... the mission ends when you escape the Gulag with a Certain number of soldiers

Rangers Lead the Way!

Rangers Lead the Way!

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Rangers Storming the front, leading the charge against the Enemy



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Dropping in from the Sky! And fighting all over the world

Desert Warfare

Desert Warfare


SAS Jeeps Ride through while Aussies watch their backs in the Dunes of Africa

Marines Swimming to the Front

Marines Swimming to the Front

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Yes, the final part maplist has finally been released

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does anyone know how to unlock all the maps in single player without playing them, I want to play custom maps I made in the map editor and saved to the Japaneses campaign folder. Also does anyone know how to save maps as playable files in F1 mode (i.e. I am playing the map in the editor and want to save it to play again from the previous point

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You cant save from editor mode only main-game

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looking forward for this!!! dont die!!! like any other potential mods :(((((

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So how's the progress going ?


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dont die please

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we're working on some maps, and other things, unfortunately not enough to post news about dont worry we're still working, there might be an update around December time but no one knows

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Still working on it ?

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progress is slow, since most of the modding team is on Holidays, we'll resume work though soon

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