Install guide will be in the "videos" section, but it should hopefully be self explanatory, if I've done my job right.

Vanilla Madders (Phase 1) v1.02 (4/9/21)
WCCC Author

UPDATE: A manual version was flown briefly, and then trashed. Turns out this install can be manually installed in case of emergencies!

1. Unzip files so you have access to the folders themselves.
2. Copy Help, System, and VMDSim to your DeusEx install directory. For CD users, this is C\DeusEx by default. For steam users, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\DeusEx by default.
2b. If any conflicts arise in System, do not override non-VMD related files (assuming you're installing over a previous version)
3. Find VMDSim.exe in your DeusEx\System directory (freshly inserted) and make a desktop shortcut.
3b. Alternatively, add a custom shortcut on steam by going to "Games" > "Add a non-steam game to my library" and finding the VMDSim.exe in your DeusEx\System and adding it by hand.
4. Launch VMDSim.exe and play. It runs on the "Launch" EXE and does not need to be overriden by Kentie's or some such.
4b. If you insist on installing Kentie's to run VMD, make sure it's named VMDSim.exe (back up the old one just in case) and have run VMDSim.exe at least once before doing so.

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