A tool that builds and displays the full hierarchy of UnrealScript files within a specified folder and all its subfolders in tree-view form, and also allows viewing the code by simply selecting the class you wish to view. There are no free tools to work with UnrealScript so far, so anyone not willing/able to pay a fee is forced to work with simple text editors, which can lead to countless hours of looking up the class hierarchy. The Unreal Hierarchy Explorer is created to facilitate this searching process by displaying the full hierarchy of .uc files and also allowing the user to view them directly, thus the user only needs to do the editing part. This tool is released for free for use "as-is", meaning that you are not allowed to modify it without explicit permission of the author, and you are expected to mention the author and the tool in the credits of the final product. The author can be contacted through IndieDB, a link to the profile is accessible through the About button.

UnrealEverything - - 2 comments

Not to diminish the amount of work you've put into this tool or its usefulness, but there already is UnCodeX which has the same functionality and more. For example it displays a list of all variables and functions etc. for the selected class. Not to mention the search function that lets you search explicitly for a class or through the source code (all classes, subclasses, etc.).

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CountNerdula Author
CountNerdula - - 19 comments

I completely agree that UnCodeX offers a lot more, I did not expect advanced or even novice users to prefer this over UnCodeX, only to offer a simple tool which I had already developed for my own use. Yet, it's fun sharing your creations, and since it does what it says it does, there's no shame in it, right? After all, often user engagement is also dependent on existing user activity, so in a way I pay my tribute by adding a little more activity, even if it is far from groundbreaking. Anyway, just thought I'd refine and upload since I am migrating to UE4, maybe someone else may still find it of some use. (by the way, I sort of hoped that my search function combined with the TreeView display covered any hierarchy-related needs, as that's what I first built it for). Cheers!

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