-= Unreal Batch Export Tool v1.11 =- Hidey Ho~ this is actually a program submission for you modders out there :D I just got tired of having to go through every file and exporting them, or writing up batch files... Not to mention that UDE/ WOTGreal's internal batch exporter does not work if you installed your UT2004 in a folder with spaces in the directory names. Was written for my mod development team at Uni. So yeah... Here it is. Current version only supports *.u files and will export class UC files. Requires UT2004 or UT3 to be installed. Bug reports/ suggestions welcome :D Icon by ~th3-prophetman -

Unreal Batch Export Tool v1.11

Have to have that one.

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HaMsTeYr Author

lol :D Its quite handy when you're doing modding. I'll be writing up a simple TC set up tutorial and going through understanding of Unreal 3 as well :D

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I am trying to use this in Land of the Dead game. But it is telling me
"The installer cannot continue if you do not choose a valid directory."
For the output directory. I hope you are still around to answer this. Thanks Hamtaro, lol. :)

Edit: Nvm, i got it. It enters the \System folder by default and i didnt change it. It should have pointed me to that field in the error though.

It is an awesome Tool..... But sadly it is not able to list all .u files and it autoselects EVERYTHING ! There should be a Check/Select all/None button. Due to this it is unusable..... Unless your main goal is to decompile all .u files.

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