Request and design input from Steam User SnowHawk to build a Custom kingdom on start. If you are a count or duke, this will allow you to form a new kingdom based on your primary title. This enables a number of diplomacy options to absorb neighboring realms, annex neighboring kingdoms, and revoke realm titles. Several decisions so you can also convert your realm and lords to your culture and religion as well as convert your realm government to either Feudal, Merchant Republic(if you capital province is coastal), or Tribal(tribals are disabled in AGOT because it could be buggy).

Sin's Custom Realm Builder

okay so you put the dependencies above the Text and after the name="Sin's custom Realm Builder" bit and Archive="mod/sin

and the dependency is dependenice={"A Game of Thrones"}

is that correct?

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SinStar87 Author

It's dependencies= but yeah that's the correct one, shouldn't really matter where it is in the file itself as long as it is in the file.

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