Setting up GZDoom from scratch is horrible, so I wrapped up this package that has the necessary basics for me to get started on playing modded Doom.

Preconfigurated GZDoom 4.5.0 ala me

Sorry, but how is setting up GZDoom at all horrible? You extract it and then drag and drop or use a launcher. It shouldn't be a challenge for anyone but the most technologically illiterate to use.

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Reactorcore Author

The ten trillion steps to set it all up correctly is a nightmare.

If I got GZDoom freshly extracted and had to dive into the options menu and folders to set up everything the way I wanted, I'd have to spend several hours.

Controls, settings, finding mods, downloading them, organizing them into folders, renaming the mods to make them identifiable and several other minor tweaks. This package skips all that nonsense, saves time and I don't have to keep in my memory how things were previous set up the way I wanted.

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Thanks so much!
Hopping across multiple computers with different versions of Linux and Windows 10, I always kept my personal backups of gzdoom in the cloud so I could bypass the AWFUL initial setup steps.
Very useful!
The haters gonna keep hating! And in denial too!

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