PainKeep 3 - release candidate 1 - requires: quake 1 install, maphack engine (included) - see identify.txt and files in info folder for instructions

pk v3 0 - rc1
numbersix Author

This is a deathmatch mod. The primary intent is to run a listen server and load bots with the "botmatch" command. If you intend to run a dedicated server some admin may not be trivial.

PainKeep is a decades long effort involving many people.
Type "credit" in the engine console for details.

Type "info" in the console for admin hints.
Type "menu" for the old style menu. Numbers are NOW aliased to listed commands.
0 generally clears the menu.

Please have fun with PK3 !


Quake one - - please get an authorized copy, its easy.

Maphack engine - included pre-compiled binaries.


To launch - linux bash: . ./pk3 -- win: click on pk3.bat
To fight 6 bots: open console, enter: botmatch
( to connect win client to a server and use remote admin, click on pk3cli )

If the linux binary does not work on your distro, follow the instructions in info/Engine.txt to compile source from github.
( You may try Darkplaces - based on the last engine mods, however, I believe it will fail. )

I have already started a bug list for which there will be an update.
If anything major is found, I will issue another release candidate.
When all is deemed good, I'll put up the final release.

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numbersix Author

I will be out of town for a few days immediately after release.
Yep, this was big for me, and I'm going on holiday!

If you find something major, leave a comment.
I'll put it in the queue when I get back.

If there is interest in it I will release some tutorial materials.
I tried to make easy alias for most common items.
However, there are some advanced features that are not trivial to figure out.

"alias" in the console will list all the admin alias.
I warn you - there are a ton.

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I'm getting an error whenever I try to use the pk3.bat or start it with -game painkeep3 and start a server.

Host_Error: SVVM_ExecuteProgram: QC function self.think is missing

I have windows 10. Tried running it as admin and whatever else I could think of. I also made sure to add the .pak files for quake since they are obviously not included.

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numbersix Author

Yes, you need the registered quake one files.
(I'll peek at the docs, they should spec that.)

Have you tried a manual run?

pk3.bat does this:

maphack.exe -game painkeep3 -listen +listen +map arc_hub

It has to be run in the quake folder containing the exe and painkeep3 folder.

This sounds like an entity may be setup wrong somewhere.
As far as I know all OS run the same code and config.
I'll double check - I have win 7 though.

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I'm having the same error on Windows 10:

Host_Error: SVVM_ExecuteProgram: QC function self.think is missing

Tried running the bat command directly into a dos prompt too. Pak files appear present, as it's a Steam purchased version.

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numbersix Author

I have a win 10 tester now.
I'll find out tonight how soon he could run a test...

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numbersix Author

>Host_Error: SVVM_ExecuteProgram: QC function self.think is missing

Seems this issue is related to a missing zlib1.dll
I'll do some more tests and get that packaged up and updated tonight.

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numbersix Author

FIXED: win 10 launch issue

I have posted an update that fixes windows 10 library issues.

You can get the update or just grab the dll from the latest darkplaces if
you have that installed.

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