The scripts in this download can be used in a modular way. Meaning they can be combined to achieve different things (No Infantry, No Navy, No Tanks/Navy, No Upgrades). These scripts are leftovers from creating the main Map Variations pack, however, are still very useful. INSTALLATION: You can place these scripts anywhere you like, as they will be loaded into WorldBuilder where the script will live inside the map file itself. 1) To use the script in a map: 2) Open WorldBuilder 3) Open the map you want to add the script to 4) Edit > Scripts 5) Import Scripts button on the left 6) Browse to the .SCB file you extracted from this download 7) Press OK on any popups that appear about import options & map size 8) Done! Save your map and test Best wishes in your future battles commander, -Jenkins ------------------------------------------------------ ©2002-2020 JMDigital. All Rights Reserved.

Other useful WorldBuilder scripts
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