As I am probably not working in this intensively anytime soon, I will release the unfinished second alpha. This doesn't mean that development is halted forever, just that I hate mods that don't do intermediate releases. The second alpha has a number of improvements over the first which cannot be overlooked. This edition is focused on Orks and Chaos.

NimoStar's Darker Crusade Alpha V2
Nimostar Author

NimoStar's Darker Crusade known bugs:

If you have any idea on how to fix these bugs, leave a comment in the release, but, more importantly, send a private message to NimoStar on ModDB

- For some reason, Necron AI will not research unit upgrades even though they are included in their buildorder in the AI file
+ It still uses structure upgrades such as in Obelisks, Monoliths and Turrets
+ It still uses Necron Lord artifact upgrades

- Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers have a missing portrait when you build them upgraded
(AI Enemy destroyers don't have this problem)

- The Mass Resurrection ability is only functional from the Necron Lord. The "mirror" on the Pillar of Darkness doesn't work.

- Authority of tha Aeons higher levels don't display correctly (author oversight, will be fixed if new version)

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For AI not doing researches, check both files in ai\races\necron_race\strategies\ IIRC, one more or less forces the researches while the other one isn't forced but I could be wrong. For addons again check both files in ai\races\necron_race\strategies\ and look for addons, e.g. necron_listening_post_addon_1 and 2 and addon_necron_hq_1 and 2.
For the Necron Lord artifacts, check in, more specifically NecronBuildBaseStrategy:BuildFlexible() which has the artifact researches.

For missing Destroyer and Heavy Destroyer icons, you need to have icons in data/art/ui/ingame/necron_icons/ for each weapon upgrade, so that it looks like this: [icon for unit]__[name of weapon upgrade].tga

e.g. say your destroyer upgrades from necron_weapon_1 to necron_weapon_2, off the top of my head, you'd need an icon in data/art/ui/ingame/necron_icons/necron_destroyer_icon__necron_weapon_2.tga

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Nimostar Author

About the necron AI actually I was using an unupdated version without all my own chenges, the new one has the AI upgrading here:
About the icons: Thanks, I actually didn't know about that. Strange since I never noticed the icons changing with guns in the original game. Will try to see if that works. But there is only a general upgrade, not a unit/squad upgrade (like heavy weapons), so its still quite weird.

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