Numerous changes to difficulty and balance. Install instructions are included in the folder. Here are some of the changes. The rest can be found in the changelog located with the files. 0.) Item pickup sounds from Deus Ex:IW. 1.) Reduced healing effect of food and allow unlimited consumption. (Soda = 1 point, Candy bar = 2 HP, 2 BE, Soy = 3 HP) 2.) On Health tab, under Status, "Hunger" text removed. 3.) Added Laser rifle to VersaLife Labs and nerfed accuracy and damage 4.) Nerfed accuracy mods. 5.) Reduced headshot multiplier across the board. 6.) Medkits give 15-25-40-50 health at respective levels and health gained from Medicine skill reduced by half. 7.) Reduced crossbow accuracy and damage by 1 for player. 8.) Minor health buffs to NSF, UNATCO (as enemies) and MJ12 troops and/or reduce various limb and torso multipliers. 9.) Enabled Hardcore+ with manual saving, console enabled and checkpoints removed. 10.) Reduced biocell charge to 15-20

Jobesky's Difficulty Tweaks
|Totalitarian| - - 1,033 comments

Dat avatar.

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mp150 - - 91 comments

Great stuff, but the downside is that I cannot use it together with the Radial Augmentation Menu, which also contains the fixes from the Semi-official patch mod. A merge with this mod would complement the whole experience extremely nicely.

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Jobesky Author
Jobesky - - 199 comments

Sorry man, that's beyond my expertise. You could always ask Totalitarian to do it. Wish I could help. :/

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mp150 - - 91 comments

No problem ;)
Perhaps I will ask him, thank you for your advice and for this mod!

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Guest - - 693,321 comments

bro i've yet to finish liberty island but i just gotta say it
this is amazing
game is super tense on realistic

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Jobesky Author
Jobesky - - 199 comments

Glad you enjoy. :)

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