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Instructions, download the archive, unpack, copy or cut the whole INI folder into your game folder confirming the replacement of all files. The computer will not use monetary fraud against the player, players or computers in offline modes tested, while online is still unknown.

Fix AI

And then the AI doesn't work anymore since it isn't intelligent.
The AI can only function as a horde mode. It can't act like a human since it isn't even an AI its just a script that sends waves at you and builds and maintains a base.

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But on the other hand, he is honest, of course, you can put a difficult level of complexity at the beginning of the game and put the maximum value of money, then the game will be much more honest.

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You can individually put in the file with the game there is a rules.ini file, find the value MultiplayerAICM = 250,200,100 or similar, change it to MultiplayerAICM = 750,500,200, it will be much more fun to play, the first value is responsible for the level of complexity, the second for the average, the last value for easy. (These are computer players - Bots)

For you to understand if it costs 2500 at the start of the game, then with the 750 multipliers at the computer I don’t remember exactly how much more, but obviously not less than 7 times more, if at 100 the standard is taken from Tiberian Sun, then at the start 5000 credits are computer players were 7,500 or 10,000 - but for sure you know something of this, just in case, if you decide to prescribe yourself in the form of numbers, how much more money they will have in relation to you, the main thing is that your allies (computers will have the same amount of money as the value of MultiplayerAICM - given by you and depending the level of complexity)

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