GUI Studio MDL 1.0 is a .qc .sma to GoldEngine .mdl (HL .mdl) compilier. To compilie lauch it and open .qc script file and press COMPILE. Thats all. You will find your compiled .mdl in the .qc file folder.

GUI Studio MDL 1.0

Thought I'd give this a test...

The version of studiomdl you provided does not work with a quick test prop I just made; it doesn't recognize the $staticprop variable.

I tried it with a copy of studiomdl from sourcesdk/ep1 and it says tier0.dll is missing from computer and cannot compile.

Therefore I edited my .qc file and removed the $staticprop line so your version of studiomdl could recognize it, and it gave me the error no ref.smd file! (I assure you it exists in the same folder as the .qc file).

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Nevermind, I found a better one:

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Gloff Author

Wow it's a kind of a bug (Old version -> NOTHING to say good about) but I created my models for STMP CS1.6 mod and havent seen an error like this. Sorry for my bad ENG.

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esto funciona sin problemas o tiene errores?

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