So, what does this mod actually do? Well, it changes the alien and human AI (increases the size they have on your computer to process their actions), the time bodies are shown on the map (they now last longer), the effect when aliens are killed (they now break apart and litter areas with their body parts), all resoultions have been pushed to max, ambient occulsion has been enabled, depth of field and motion blur has been enabled, startup logos have been removed, film grain is disabled, all textures are on max except for shadows. Plus even more... Let me know what you think in the comments!

Graphics and AI Improvements
Guest - - 696,665 comments

Also note the files need to be set to read only after copying

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MattFiler Author
MattFiler - - 298 comments

Thanks! Re-uploaded with read only settings.

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username372 - - 44 comments

It helped me very good. Thank you very much for this fix! :D

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rogue3 - - 86 comments

good job bro

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