I thought I would upload miscellaneous dev files, for the benefit of other modders - or more importantly, anyone who would like to improve aspects of HOE. Included in this are: Map source files for Episodes D & E Textures Miscellaneous models. If you use any of the content from this release, please provide due credit.

Dev files
Xul - - 351 comments

anyone up to porting this baby to source engine then? ;) i mean a straight port, like hl source, but not commercial :P

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l0d1z - - 239 comments

kinda like heart of evil: source then?
id like that.. =)

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Hey-Pi-Ron - - 470 comments

Or make HD pack for HoE:Source

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ojin671 - - 12 comments

so where the put in rmf file directory??

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Superfech - - 73 comments

Pra que serve o arquivo?

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