This is a simple decorate that is BUVRO- Built using vanila resources only. the Vanilla Resources have been used to give Smooth Weapon animations and smooth walking monsters. Timings are Vanilla except for the Chaingun... It fires slightly different but better. Contains alternate difficulty settings: Nightmare is replaced with Masochist which is higher HP enemies but no autoreviving enemies. These codes also work on FReeDoom with awesome results.

BUVRO Smooth Vanilla  weps and enemies
kalensar Author

Please report any bugs. I'm sure I ironed them out.

If you don't like the Chaingun then I can modify it back closer to normal. I was going for smooth animation, not 100% accurate. The timing on the Chaingun is only a fraction slower than vanilla.

The Chainsaw is actually a bit stronger so I'm not going to fret over it being a frame faster for smooth purposes.

All of this was done with only the Doom data itself.

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