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Many of you have been curious to know what is going to be new for the next version of C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux. Well, sgtmyers88 has posted a couple of interesting videos to provide that answer!

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Many of you have been curious to know what is going to be new for the next version of C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux. Well, sgtmyers88 has posted a couple of interesting videos to provide that answer!

Many of you have been wanting to see further improvements and fixes made to the AI and you also wanted additional improvements to visual details.
Well, we got em' for ya as the C&C Generals SAGE Engine is now being pushed to it's bearable limits!

C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.4 Special Features Video

This is a preview video showing some of the updates that have been achieved for the Mod in the past year since the release of version 1.3 back in December 2009.


1.) Terrain, Water, & Lighting Updates
2.) New Volcano Effects
3.) New Particle Effects
4.) New Building Strobe Lights
5.) Special Visual Effects For Tiberium
6.) Retextured Models & Modified Animations.
7.) Specular Lighting Applied To Models
8.) GDI RailGun Turret In Action
9.) Nod Black Hand Laser Turret In Action
10.) New Stealth Tank "Lazarus Shield" Effect
11.) Improved Skirmish AI
12.) Improved Framerate

Nod Mission 07 Demonstration Video:

This is a video showing the 7th in-game campaign mission for the Brotherhood of Nod.

The Brotherhood has located a huge field of Tiberium in the area. The nearby village has laid claim to the field. Eliminate the villagers, as to prevent any infection of our own workers. GDI forces are reported to be minimal, so elimination of them is of secondary importance.

Mod of the Year Awards

The C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Development Team wishes to give a big THANK YOU to everyone for supporting C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux! It is because of YOU that this project has made the list of Top 100 Mods for 2010!

C&C Fans Unite!
2010 sgtmyers88 & the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Development Team


Absolutely Amazing! I love the new visual effects. Will this include the full campaign or will it come later?

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sgtmyers88 Author

Thanks but yeah there is still a long way to go for the campaign missions.

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i thought we gonna get custom campaigns :( maybe u guys should remake the old videos somehow

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sgtmyers88 Author

It is our hope to do both. That's what the SPECOPS Missions are about as they are meant to tell a story of the birth of the Mod's two Subfactions and the skirmishes that went on between GDI and Nod during the time between the 1st and 2nd Tiberium War. This is going to be more than a straight remake because I like the concept of "designer freedom" and both EA and Westwood provided very little details to what went on between TD and TS, do not worry we are working on it.

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ok then, keep it up. meanwhile im gonna get my zerohour disc back from...whereever it is :D

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excellent work as always

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I must say that the water is looking amazing. Looking forward to the next release!

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you have these blinking lights on your buildings like the arrows on your refinery... do you know a good tutorial how to achieve this? would like to do some experiments on some units.
thanks and awesome job with the improvements. I hope that even other mods can benefit from your knowledge.
keep it up dude.

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sgtmyers88 Author

That is my next idea if I find the time. I would actually like to create a complete Graphics Patch or SDK to Zero Hour for the community to use.

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