Very Long Call wants to create original and nervous Metroidvania/Roguevania with a strong narrative dimension.

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Twisted Tales : Night Night Scarlett

Twisted Tales : Night Night Scarlett


Twisted Tales: Night Night Scarlett is an action/platform game in the wonderful world of Little Red Riding Hood. It is for hardcore gamers who like retro...

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Dec 13 2019

It's time to add new levels to #TwistedTales. Oh damn! double jump means bigger levels and more wooorrrrkkkkk! 😱…

Nov 27 2019

RT @lazybensch: Hey #ScreenshotSaturday! Here's the first WIP implementation of Enu's slash attack. What do you think?

Nov 24 2019

Today, we are proud to announce we are launching a new #build for #windows with 4 new #levels and a #speedrun mode.…

Nov 20 2019

If you want to see @Gphob1a struggling with the keyboard and avoiding the mirror world, it's right there:…

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Jun 26 2019

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