Starting independent game studio based in Slovakia. Currently working on it's first game.

Current Projects

No games, mods, engines, software or hardware appear to be published or in development by VertexSoup. We suggest you add games, mods, engines and hardware you are developing here (or update existing games, mods, engines and hardware on the site which should be linked with this Developer).

If this profile is not used to publish or develop games, mods, engines, software or hardware we recommend you contact us and we will move it to the groups section and this page will display a blog instead.

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DayZ Development Team

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Developer Team for the DoW40k: Firestorm over Kaurava Modification

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Bloom Team

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A developer of first person shooter mods including Unreal DirectX11 Renderer for UT, UG , Rune and DX.


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Hey @elonmusk how do you plan for rocket upright on Mars an it's active tectonic with magnitude 3-4?

Dec 29 2019

RT @NThibieroz: FEMFX is now available on #GPUOpen. CPU-based soft body physics for a variety of effects including melting rubber ducks! ht…

Dec 16 2019

RT @iquilezles: A procedural animated creature, raymarched SDF as usual in @Shadertoy. It's a first basic attempt to some character…

Jul 26 2019

RT @EddieEdgyEdge: Visual Studio #ProTip : Go into your Sound Settings (in windows) and put a sound for Build Failed and Build Succeed…

Jul 21 2019

RT @UnrealAlexander: Look what just came in the mail. I'll tell you to get your own Blueprints skate deck if you ask nice and this get…

Jul 21 2019

RT @FogleBird: Watching the plotter never gets old...

May 24 2019

RT @jipraus: I was challenged to build a #freeform @arduino UNO. Not an easy task, but I am slowly getting there. Had to build a…

May 13 2019

RT @Ibuprogames: 40 years of console wars #gamedev

Apr 11 2019