Untame is an independent games studio headed by husband and wife Itay Keren and Julia Keren-Detar, based out of our Park Slope apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Our mission is to make high-quality, deep gaming experiences that are as enjoyable and interesting to play, as they are to make.

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Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11


Mushroom 11 is a post-apocalyptic puzzle-platformer with unique control mechanics. Guide a mysterious amorphic organism across brain-twisting obstacles...

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RT @itayke: I'm thrilled to announce our partnership with @TheLabelgames - Can't wait to show you what we've been working on! T.co

Jan 27 2021

RT @itayke: It's been 5 years since our initial PC release of #Mushroom11! From the archives, check out this behind the scenes… T.co

Oct 15 2020

RT @quiltingcrow: A short interactive narrative I created this past month to help highlight problems in our handling of essential wor… T.co

Jun 9 2020

Interesting book about how fungi will save the world. #Mushroom11 #MycroVerse T.co

May 29 2020

RT @Bearkiddy: #mushroom11 predicted coronavirus @untamegames T.co

May 4 2020

Mushroom 11 is now on sale for a limited time on the App Store and Google Play! Stay safe and enjoy a more colorful… T.co

Mar 27 2020

Our first game Rope Rescue is finally back on the App Store, in a massive classic game revival collected by… T.co

Oct 25 2019

Mushroom 11 is 60% off for a limited time! Check it out now along with some other great deals! @AppStore T.co

Nov 23 2018

RT @Zet237: So, yeah. This happened earlier today. New Mushroom 11 WR at #ESASummer18 :| Incl. two new IL WRs. T.co

Jul 24 2018