Toybox Games is an indie games development studio based in Melbourne, Australia and founded in 2016. We’re truly the new kids on the block! …but don’t let that fool you, we’re are all about making the most badass gaming experiences imaginable. For us, it’s about making the games we want to make, pursuing the medium that we love, and having fun while doing it. As we continue to grow as a studio, we hope to help shape the future of the Australian games industry, bring exceptional, high-quality experiences to the world.

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Primordials: Fireborn

Primordials: Fireborn


Primordials: Fireborn is a 3rd person combat and platforming driven experience, set in the vast and beautiful world of Eridal. With a focus on captivating...

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(Paid, Remote, 2D Artist) The team at Toybox Games Studios are looking for a freelance 2D artist to join us on for…

Oct 26 2021

Hello all! This is just a quick post to let you know that we are still here and still working very hard! We will…

Jun 8 2021


Apr 5 2020

We are hiring!!! 😊

Jan 12 2020

From his Ashes, he rises again. #indiedev #UE4 #Fireborn

Nov 10 2019

Thank you for the kind words! 😍

Nov 1 2019

Tyson had a great chat with the people from @SpawnRespawnPC. Be sure to check out the interview from #PAXAUS

Oct 20 2019

Thanks so much to everyone who came to play Fireborn at PAX, this has been our best showing yet and we have loved s…

Oct 15 2019