Indie gamedev working on a shooter game inspired by War of the Worlds using UE4 and Houdini

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They Are Coming

They Are Coming

Third Person Shooter

They Are Coming is a War of the World inspired third person Sci-Fi shooter where you control a soldier as he attempts to survive and save civilians from...

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Latest tweets from @revivedteam

RT @gamingbible: This War of the Worlds game looks epic 👾💥 @interlakesgame

Aug 16 2021

RT @interlakesgame: Interlakes - An Open world sci-fi third-person survival shooter game inspired by War of the Worlds. This is an earl…

Jun 7 2021

RT @ali_shabani: No Place to Hide - Tripod New Ability: Throwing Vehicles at Fleeing Crowds For our upcoming Third Person Shooter Ga…

Apr 23 2021

RT @ali_shabani: Non robotic and natural looking running/walking for quadrupeds and creatures with more legs! It's done entirely usi…

Apr 12 2021

RT @ali_shabani: Procedural animation Fast Run. This creature can obtain many types of running and walking animation. Work in progre…

Apr 10 2021

RT @ali_shabani: I've add laser to Tripod and made some improvements to it. It's done entirely using #ProceduralAnimation for our up…

Sep 11 2020

RT @ali_shabani: I've made some improvements to Tripod. It's done entirely using Procedural Animation for our upcoming game.

Aug 31 2020

RT @ali_shabani: We're building tentacles for a #Tripod in our upcoming game which is inspired by War of the Worlds HD Version:…

Aug 29 2020