Based in Sydney, Australia, Sungrand strives to create new experiences while incorporating into the core concepts that made retro games so fun. Sungrand focuses on action, RPG, and survival horror titles for Mobile, Desktop, and Nintendo consoles.

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Have you ever wanted to fight a Grizzly Bear as a Chicken? Then this is for you! Animelee is built for fighting game enthusiasts and focuses on high speed...

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RT @silverfallsgame: FIRST official gameplay teaser trailer. Coming to #Nintendo #WiiU soon. Silver Falls - White Inside Its Umbra

Mar 26 2022

RT @silverfallsgame: REVEAL: Silver Falls - Undertakers for #WiiU will have a new game mode. Up to 4 players will team up against one Ga…

Mar 10 2022

Happy Halloween everyone!

Oct 31 2021

RT @silverfallsgame: Detail video explaining our upcoming #Nintendo #WiiU exclusive #horror game is now up.…

Sep 22 2021

Check out our weekly #SciFi novel based on our #Nintendo game series for FREE. It has connections to our upcoming…

Sep 10 2021

RT @silverfallsgame: Enjoy a coffee and chill with Jerrel as he builds environments for our upcoming

Sep 9 2021

RT @silverfallsgame: Chapter 13 of our #novel based on our #Nintendo #games is out NOW! We're excited to announce this chapter will get…

Sep 3 2021

RT @silverfallsgame: This is it, folks! Nearly 2 years of suspense has led to this moment. WHAT IS IN DODGER'S BASEMENT!? Find out what…

Aug 27 2021

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming #Nintendo #Switch game, Silver Falls - Campfire Stories.

Aug 21 2021