Pure Fun Games is an innovative game development company, which constantly delves into new concepts for mobile games, and board games. Originally founded by Johannes E. Benjamin III and James W. Muckell in December of 2010, the Company registered as an LLC in February of 2012. Our purpose is to provide wholesome and challenging entertainment. We encourage light-hearted games with social value, and frown upon inappropriate themes. With Pure Fun Games at work, it can only mean that something insanely fun is in the offing!

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Phantom Fall

Phantom Fall


Fall into the Fun! Fast Paced Free Falling Madness! Shoot and Dodge enemies. Grab power-ups while you Fall! Test your skills and beat your friends’...

iiijoe3 Creator

Phantom Fall is Here!! Play.google.com

Old-School style action/arcade gem with awesome music! Shoot and Dodge enemies. Grab power-ups while you Fall! Test your skills and beat your friends’ high scores! Wield the Phantom Force at your fingertips!!!

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