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May 31 2011 Anchor

I've never played CoAS. Is it good? How does it compare to POTC? Is it worth downloading? And what mod downloads are available for it?

May 31 2011 Anchor

CoAS is pretty good, the Russians did a great job of packing a LOT of content into the game. It does do a lot of things differently than POTC, mostly for the better. It does have some problems, but a lot of those have been fixed by our Mod team. It was well worth the original $30 price tag, and you can get it as a digital download for around $10 now.

I forget the latest version number of the Combined Mod right off, but I know the Mod team are really close to releasing Gentleman Of Fortune, the next version of the CM.

May 31 2011 Anchor

Yes COAS is worth downloading, as for mod. Currently their is CMV3.2 available but if you are willing to wait just a little longer for GOF 1.0 then do that. If you do get COAS my suggestion is play the vanilla game for a while and then install CMV3.2 or GOF 1.0 if its released by then. This will give you the feel for what has changed rather than hearing about what has changed. But the GOF 1.0 is a big update over CMV3.2 and is worth waiting for.

Pieter_Boelen Third Officer
May 31 2011 Anchor

From what I can tell, CoAS is indeed pretty good. One of the main unfortunate parts are the cheap coding I keep running into, but that's more an issue for the modders and not so much for people playing. The other main thing I noticed is that even though many towns use different models, they still look very much alike. This might be fixed in the future if the CoAS modding team manages to stick some PotC town models into CoAS.

You can find the CoAS modpack right here: Moddb.com


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May 31 2011 Anchor

I keep trying to run the game but I keep getting this error message:

Runtime Error!

Program: ...d.Ships.PC.Game(djDEVASTATE)\Age of Pirates 2\start.exe

This program has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.Please contact the application's support team for more information.

What's going on? :(

Miklkit curmudgeon
May 31 2011 Anchor

1000 curses! You are going to get me to install COAS just to see what's going on. :duck:

May 31 2011 Anchor

Yeah well, you know me. ;) haha

I got a DVD copy of it now and I STILL can't get it to work. It keeps saying put the DVD in, but I put it in and nothing happens. Just keeps saying to put the dvd in. I hate this game already.  :/

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