combined mod version 3.2.0

Since Age of Pirates II: City of Abandoned Ships was released, coders and modellers have been hard at work adding content, and fixing various bugs. These additions and bug fixes were then brought together to create something we at PiratesAhoy! affectionately call “The Combined Mod” This is our 4th official release of that project.

GOF 1.1
We are pleased to announce the latest release in the COAS mods, please see here for the latest mod.


In our latest release, much has been added. There is no way that we can list all the changes that been included in our Combined Mod, but this list will include the biggest changes.

-New Ships
Over 100 ships now exists in the Age of Pirates II world. Based off real world vessels, our modellers put plenty of hard work into making these ships as detailed as possible.

-Bug Fixes
Not only did we add a lot of content, but we fixed countless bugs. Game breaking bugs have become a thing of the past with our mod!

-Trade Adjustment
We have added more than 25 new trade-able items, and have adjusted the black market to be more period accurate. Also, goods imported and exported to and from each city reflects what each port may have, and in some cases, did trade in the 17th century.

-Selectable Pirate Nationality
The player can now choose to have their character the Jolly Roger fly all the time by selecting the Pirate Nationality at the Character selection screen.

-New Playable Characters
More than 25 new playable characters have been added, including some known from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, such as Jack Sparrow captaining the Black Pearl and Davy Jones with the Flying Dutchman.

-Great small additions
There have been a myriad of little addons made as well that make a huge difference

-Add UseBetterPotion
-Add SpaceToTalk Mod.
-Add Rum_Management Mod


While this version of the combined mod is complete, we are continually looking at adding upgrades. To wet your appetite, here are just a couple of things we are working on.

Readable books!
Instead of relying on Inca Idols to improve your skills, how about a set of books to do the same thing. Not only do these books add to the realism of COAS but, they are also readable!

Loyalty Mod
This fixes the officers constantly loosing loyalty

More Loot
Adding a large amount of new lootable items to the Caribbean world.

We at this time would like to thank all those who have contributed content to this release and all past releases.

Thank you for downloading this mod, and enjoy!
Happy Pirating!

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So you look at GOF and ask yourself, why should I download GOF 1.1? Well lets give you some reasons of what make GOF 1.1 a great mod and well worth the time to download.

We will start with new features.


Mod options
So in CMV3.2 we had introduced switches which you could turn on and off in _mods_on_off. This mens going into the game directory and looking for that file everytime you wanted to change one of the switches. Now you can go into options menu, and in the bottom right their is a button for the mod options, which can be changed between realistic and vanilla settings.

Mod Options

This makes it much easier for everyone to try out the different settings in order to find what they like and dislike. The new mods button also see's new switches added, so now you can choose between the vanilla wind speed or the realistic wind speed. This was a big problem in CMV3.2 because you only had one option and that was the realistic wind speed. Now its up to you which setting you want.

Weights for goods is another addition. Now you can choose which weights you want. Vanilla or realistic. Realistic will increase the weights of goods which means you can't carry as much as you can if playing with this setting on vanilla. The price of Goods is yet another switch, play with vanilla prices or realistic, which reduces the costs but also reduces how much profit you make from selling those goods. This, with realistic weights turned on, will leave you making less money so the game becomes more fun or harder, depends on how you look at it.


Another is cannon reload times. This was more of a fix than anything but now you can choose either vanilla loading times or realistic.

Gun Deck

The differences is, vanilla loading times will take longer and this means longer naval battles. Turning realistic on though will mean the larger calibures will be more deadly as they reload much quicker than if this was set to vanilla.

Well we tend to say new ships and/or characters have been added. And although some new ships have been added, its the textures that will stand out the most.


With almost every ship retextured now, you will be seeing ships that you once thought were ugly as pleasantly surprising now. The textures have improved their image a lot.


But better textures continue into the menus, characters and places in GoF. Now all menu's look much different, even when you start the game you will be presented with a new start menu which gives the game a much more appealing look and feel. Regarding buildings, you will find some looking exactly the same, and then some will be quit a bit different. This gives the feel of a different building rather than every building looking the same all the time.


Fixes are just as important if not more important than adding more content. No one likes a buggy game and COAS in its vanilla form was very buggy. It was unstable, which left you saving almost every few minutes just in case the game crashed. Now the game is much more stable with some people reporting playing continually for over 8 hours and still not experiencing a single crash. This is a big thing because we alway's wanted CoAS to be much more stable. Another big fix was the all to obvious ships small thumbnails in CMV3.2. Some ships had them but most did not. Now every ships thumbnail works. This fix had eluded us for a long time but no more. Item's wher another problem in CMV3.2. You would see iteam's with the wrong thumbnail image which was annoying, now all iteam's have the correct image and work fine.

I could go on for ever because so much has changed but I won't because it will just get boring for you to read. So I will leave you with this final thourght, if you had to pick between CoAS vanilla and GOF 1.1 which would you pick? Why don't you see for yourself.


This mod includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Dozens of new improved textures for building interiors and character models by Officerpuppy Many new ship models by Pgargon and imported from POTBS as well as dozens of new extremely detailed, historically reworked ship skins by Craiggo New Graphical User Interface (GUI) with new look and additional control options by Craiggo, Pieter Boelen and Jonathan Aldridge New breath-taking weather and Sky/horizon effects by Luke159 and Craiggo

  • Added Powder remaining to the battle interface.
  • Modified the wind speed calculations, so now when using realistic weather, you still get the occasional complete calm, but it is much more likely to give you a decent wind.
  • Added an option to reduce how much bonuses you get from the rare skill books. (I thought having them stack up to 60% was too much)
  • You can get different colored sails for your ships from the pirate shipyard now (currently only black red and blue, but that can be changed easily)
  • Added option to allow the Tree of Life and Dynamo perk to add their bonuses retroactively. (toggle-able).
  • Added character names to the character images on the items trade interface.
  • Redid the officer resurrection for the Jade Skull so it brings the officer back right to where you are with all the stuff that was on the body (with a bang!) Still only once per day though.
  • Added a toggle option so fencing with one weapon type, also gives you 1/3 of that experience in the other fencing types, representing general fighting knowledge.
  • Added an option, so that encountering ships near islands from the world map, you are no longer put right next to them, but rather at a distance proportional to that on the world map. Needs testing as it can make the other ships appear right up against the shore.
  • Added a middle level of Cannon damage, between COAS default and the RTBL setting. I found that using the full RTBL setting, I was seeing that a number of ships would run out of balls/powder before actually sinking anything, and then just sit there sailing in circles.
  • Created a new interface panel off the main options screen to control all the mod options that used to be in _mod_on_off.h, so they can be changed during play if desired.
  • New main menu code.
  • Added: Option to make sure encountered ships are not so far away that you can drop back to the world map again.
  • Added missing map to my Map interface.
  • Moved the "ship class text" on the "scroll" down slightly on ship interface, so it looks better.

Enjoy the Mod Gentlemen! And Keep a weather eye!

Deck action 2

By Luke159, Modern Knight, and Craiggo

Combined Mod CMV promotional

Combined Mod CMV promotional

News 2 comments

Come join us at Buccaneer's Reef and immerse yourself in the virtual Piratey treasure-trove to be found there!!! ARRRR Matey AVAST ye swabs!

Merry Christmas: Especially for Us!

Merry Christmas: Especially for Us!

News 6 comments

If you care about pirates, the Age of Sail and computer games, you owe it to yourself to read on! We have a Christmas present bigger than we ever dared...

Feature List

Feature List


So what does the City of Abandoned Ships: Combined Mods actually do? See here and find out!

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Combined modpack v1.7

Combined modpack v1.7

Full Version 5 comments

Age of Pirates II: Combined modpack v1.7 . This mod includes bug fixes and some code updates for the original game. No extra content.

Combined Mod v3.2.0

Combined Mod v3.2.0

Full Version 15 comments

While work still continues on Build 14 for Pirates of the Caribbean, modding has also been done on Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships. Additions...

Combined Mod v3.2.0 Fixes

Combined Mod v3.2.0 Fixes

Patch 1 comment

Some additional fixes for the initial release that address various gameplay issues.

SwiftShader V2.0 Demo

SwiftShader V2.0 Demo

Other 16 comments

You want to play this game, but it crashes because your video card is an Intel Onboard Graphics card? SwiftShader provides a workaround!

ENB Improved Graphics

ENB Improved Graphics

Effects GFX 29 comments

Install this file to get better graphics in any version of a Storm Engine based game, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales...

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Microsoft Visual C++ Rumtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: D:\Games\Age of Pirates 2\Start.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the applicatrion's support team for more information.

it's ok file patch 1.0 and 1.1 but when i copy and patch modv3.2.0 it error

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where do i buy the game

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Just fixed it looks like i went to the wrong shore, sorry for bothering. Now the problem is in the part 2 the enchanted city, there's no crowd at caracas tavern, maybe i went to the wrong place again?

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The Aztec Tenochtitlan quest is bugged, The guy that supposed to be approach me on Mosquito beach doesn't show up. If there's any fix I'll appreciate it.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


You can get CoAS on GoG now for 5.99!! It's supposed to be compatible with all versions of windows up to 10.

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it is on sale for 2.99 right now

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