A developer and publisher of moba games including WarEternal.

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WarEternal is free to play fast paced 2D PvP with lots of characters, skills, arenas and LOTS of DEATH!!

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Latest tweets from @kungaentertain

"I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil." -Kungalf The Bearded --- #return #returnofthekingT.co

Oct 11 2021

Once an intimidating raid, now a target of speed running... The goal? 90s or sub clear... And now... We succeeded~.… T.co

Oct 7 2020

So, I've been challenged by @Remix_SSBM, the only being besides me as of now to solo Dread Lair raid in #WarEternalT.co

Sep 20 2020

When You can't help but doubt the ability of Your players to read stealthy letters... Youtube.comT.co

Sep 19 2020

Limits are meant to be shattered! In the past we needed 4 ppl and 6 hrs of grind.. Here goes a solo clear with mo… T.co

Sep 4 2020

Yesterday's clear hath left me wanting more, so I went back off-stream and grasped a superior gg!! Dread Lair Asc… T.co

Aug 25 2020

There we go! The fabled Dread Lair Asc 3-1 SOLO CLEAR!!! Such a poor mediocre run turned into an ultra-clutch GG!!… T.co

Aug 24 2020

Today on stream nearly got the unbeaten ever-elusive Dread Lair (3 man raid) on Asc 3 (difficulty) solo challenge~… T.co

Jul 30 2020

Behold, Söüzÿ, The Holy Paladin! Melee warrior w/ supporting auras & ability to crucify his foes! Charms, possessio… T.co

Jul 4 2020