Iterative Studios is an independent game developer and publisher. Our main seat is in Gotland, Sweden. We are experienced, dedicated and have a keen eye for quality. Our ambition is to create games that entertain millions of players all over the world.

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Hack 'n' Slash

Nordicandia is a semi-idle action RPG with a deep and unique crafting system. Collect epic loot, craft and merge items, and level up your character to...

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Latest posts from @iterativestudi1

Latest patch includes 40 new unique weapons! Claim your epic loot now! Android: iOS:…

Dec 17 2022

Nordicandia Season 2 just started December 9th! ⚔ Play now and claim your epic loot! 👉…

Dec 11 2022

Nordicandia will start the first Season game mode on September 2nd, including a release on Steam! ⚔ This semi-idl…

Sep 1 2022

New version has greatly improved performance! This semi-idle RPG is guaranteed to fulfill all your looting and craf…

Nov 19 2021

Helheim - The Realm of the Dead is opening in Nordicandia on Monday October 18:th 00:00 AM UTC! Enter the limited a…

Oct 17 2021

New Avatars and Frames are now available! This semi-idle RPG is guaranteed to fulfill all your looting and crafting…

Sep 28 2021

Auto level-repeat has been added, for you incremental/idle gamers out there! Early access for this semi-idle RPG i…

Sep 7 2021

New advanced loot filter available in the upcoming version! 🎚 Early access for this semi-idle RPG is available on…

Aug 14 2021

Warriors are now getting splash damage on auto attacks, with an improved animation! ⚔ Early access for this semi-…

Aug 6 2021

Reworked the the crafting system to make it much more intuitive ⚒. Early access for this semi-idle RPG is availa…

Jul 30 2021