The development studio behind ARAIG, a new immersive wearable technology, a suit. ARAIG is designed to enhance your video game experience by increasing your awareness of what is happening within the video game you are playing without limiting your mobility or use of other peripherals.

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ARAIG Legion One

ARAIG Legion One

IFTech Haptics

A multi-sensory feedback suit to experience the next level of gaming.

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With @ARAIG_ you COULD become the Super Hero. With our multi-sensory technology, you can now FEEL everything they f…

Feb 23 2023

Big thanks to @etsa_eu for interviewing our CEO, Brodie Stanfield, in a recent issue! Read how IFTech continues t…

Feb 8 2023

#Throwback Our suit has changed, but the message stays the same: Happy Holidays everyone!

Dec 15 2022

“When we induce stress, trainees can then practice stress reduction during training.” - Michael Stanfield at Cobour…

Dec 9 2022

“Technology is best when it brings people together.“ - Unknown Bridging the gap between communication and connecti…

Nov 18 2022

Soldiers must learn to function under highly stressful conditions with enhanced situational awareness & critical de…

Nov 16 2022

How about real-world experiences without real-world risks? @ARAIG_ #technology #tech #Oculus

Nov 14 2022

One of our CEOs saw #BlackAdamMovie and came back saying: "I wish I had @ARAIG_ on! That cave scene - EXPLOSIVE💥!…

Nov 1 2022

Votes are in - 0 for Movies & TV!?😲 You're saying you wouldn't want to feel EXACTLY what @TheRock feels in…

Oct 27 2022