A developer of music apps including Surge.


Real-time Content.
Next to rendered imagery, our studio focuses on real-time content for games and applications. With 11 years of experience in visual effects, we are now applying the lessons learned into the realm of games and VR.

Visual effects.
From the impossible to the improbable, anything goes. We can take care of the entire process of augmenting and altering live action to the desired result. Our involvement can start at the script phase, throughout the film shoot and the entire post-production process.

When you want your product represented in the most perfect circumstance, often it is better to do it digitally. With full control over every aspect of the shot and your product, we will make sure your customer sees it in it’s finest moment.

Cut-out animation.
Next to 3D animation we have a lot of experience in cut-out animation. Cut-out quickly offers a wide variety of styles. It also has the potential to create large volumes of animation in a relatively short time.

Character design and animation.
Creating a living character from start to finish, from simple sketch to a fully animated being, living on screen. That’s what we can do for you. Whether it’s for a game, commercial, graphic or otherwise.

3D printing.
From virtual to physical, getting something on the table to touch and pass around, an award based on your character or a printed logo to hand out. We can look for the best printing solution and guide the process to a desired result.

Previz is a very useful tool to figure out the right approach to a certain shot, either in a 3D animated shot or live action. We create visuals so everyone in the production team understands what the finished result will look like. We have used previz to study dangerous stunts or to figure out what kind of film equipment was required to shoot a specific shot.

Concept art.
We can help you out with any design aspect of your production. Characters,environments, vehicles, accessories. You name it.

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Surge is on of the first real-time VR music video created for the new generation VR headsets and gives an amazing insight in the possibilities of VR as...

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