About Hammerfall Publishing Hammerfall Publishing is a high-tech independent game development and publishing studio based in Sydney, Australia. They specialise in high definition gaming; creating cutting edge experiences for PC, tablet, and mobile platforms.

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Latest tweets from @wh40kregicide

Игра в продаже! Сетевые многопользовательские шахматы в Warhammer 40,000, Space Marines, Orks. Обновление 2021 выйд… T.co

Jun 30 2021


Jun 30 2021

RT @rumutweets: Our announce trailer is approaching 10K views! Let's reach that milestone! Youtube.com Wishlist Rumu h… T.co

Nov 21 2017

Regicide is under $5 USD right now in the #skullthrone GW sale! Store.steampowered.com T.co

Jul 20 2017

You can pick up Regicide at an amazing price as part of the Killer Bundle on @BundleStars right now! Bundlestars.com

Jul 12 2017

RT @iPlayApps: Strategie-Brettspiel "Warhammer 40000: Regicide" ... Iplayapps.de @HammerfallGames @WH40kRegicide T.co

May 31 2017

67% off Ork faces, and Warhammer 40,000: Regicide on Steam! Bit.ly Screenshot by Community Member… T.co

May 23 2017