A developer of simulation software including Virtual Desktop.

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Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop


An application developed for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that let's you use your computer in VR. You can browse the web, watch movies or even play games...

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Latest tweets from @vrdesktop

RT @seanish0v: An intense close quarters cover shooter with awesome bullet time physics! Available on @SideQuestVR Sdq.st

20hours ago

Released an update today that improves the Video feature; faster & more accurate seeking, smoother video playback.… T.co

Nov 20 2021

RT @UploadVR: A new Windows 11 update should fix performance issues when streaming PC VR games to Quest via Virtual Desktop.… T.co

Nov 6 2021

RT @ShawnRecRoom: Zuck is always talking about Apple taking 30% fees like it's outrageous but Oculus takes 30% from devs / creators o… T.co

Nov 3 2021

Released an update today that improves the quality of Synchronous Spacewarp (SSW) and reduces warping artifacts. Yo… T.co

Nov 2 2021

Gives a new meaning to the word Metadata… T.co

Oct 28 2021

I am adding Contrast Adaptive Sharpening on Quest 1 and 2 today. This improves image quality of VR games considerab… T.co

Oct 20 2021

Sometimes I wish I had more than 8 milliseconds 😅

Oct 9 2021

Pushed a small hotfix today that improves compatibility of streamed/downloaded videos on Quest 1; it will now resiz… T.co

Oct 1 2021

Huge update! After more than a year in development, I'm releasing the Video feature on Quest today. This lets you s… T.co

Sep 27 2021