GrosChevaux is an indie game studio created between Paris and London by three french friends. Growing up in brittany, playing games and building prototypes, they split ways to work in the software and animation industries for 10 years. In 2020, strong from all their experiences, they decided to reunite to achieve their dream and launched the studio and their first game 'Unspottable'.

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Unspottable is a competitive couch party game where you need to punch your friends before they punch you. Blend in the crowd of AI characters, hunt down...

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Latest tweets from @groschevaux

RT @UnspottableGame: For SummerGameFest, Unspottable is part of the PlayStation Indies and on sale until JUNE 22nd

Jun 14 2022

RT @LoreWitchy: Play more indie games 🐰✨

May 20 2022

RT @UnspottableGame: The 8 players mode on PC is getting close and we need you to help! :) If you have a group of 5 to 8 people and eno…

May 17 2022

RT @LeRefuge75: 👾 Permanence 🎬 Hier soir les jeunes ont découvert les différentes étapes de la création d’une animation 3D grâce à…

Mar 24 2022

RT @UnspottableGame: If GrosChevaux made Elden Ring? and yes we also REALLY want to play that game!! Maybe that's our next project. :D…

Mar 13 2022

RT @UnspottableGame: Unspottable is part of the @PlayStation Indies! It's our first sale on Playstation and it's a big one!…

Mar 11 2022

RT @UnspottableGame: Sending cool stuff to printing! :)

Mar 10 2022

RT @UnspottableGame: Unspottable is on sale this week-end! Get it cheap on Steam and Nintendo Switch: Lots of…

Feb 19 2022

RT @UnspottableGame: Unspottable is on sale this week as part of the Friendship Games Week, organized by the nice people from…

Feb 12 2022

RT @UnspottableGame: Unspottable is now available on @EpicGames ! 🥳🥳 Another great achievement for our small team! :)…

Dec 16 2021


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