A developer of 4x games including Dawn of Andromeda.

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Dawn of Andromeda

Dawn of Andromeda


Andromeda has seen quieter days, and it’s up to you to take the reigns of one of many civilizations and guide it through the many dangers hiding in...

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Hey there, I am yeizonex the capybara, and I make sure that everyone has their tools to tweak away their favorite games. Good luck and remember: The only...

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VKMT is a Halo modding team led by Vengeful Vadam and xScruffyDaSasquatchx.

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We just released a meaty update, alongside the all-new Pax Nova DLC: Tech Supremacy Dyson spheres, a powerful new… T.co

Nov 16 2021

Pax Nova: Beyond the Rift is available now! We're very excited to share our first major DLC with you. Tons of new… T.co

Jul 15 2021

The voyage through Eos continues. Introducing Beyond the Rift, our upcoming major DLC! Featuring planetary effects… T.co

Jul 12 2021

Have you checked out patch 1.3.0 yet? We've implemented some graphical changes that will make for a sharper image,… T.co

May 17 2021

Our first DLC is available now for the low price of... FREE! Check out the all-new Frostborn DLC for Pax Nova:… T.co

Mar 25 2021

We just released a meaty update! Some big AI improvements, and pesky bugs squashed. Read the full patch notes:… T.co

Mar 22 2021

Pax Nova update 1.1.0 is now live and brings 3 new languages along with tons of bug fixes, balancing improvements a… T.co

Feb 5 2021

Explore new worlds, build cities and fight great battles. Get Pax Nova now at 50% off on Steam during the weeklon… T.co

Oct 20 2020

RT @Iceberg_Int: The #SteamSummerSale has kicked off, featuring too many games to list! What are you waiting for? Go go go go:… T.co

Jun 26 2020

Pax Nova update 1.0.1 is out now! Artillery and anti-armor rebalancing, AI improvements, and more:… T.co

Jun 16 2020