Decemberborn Interactive is a small indie dev team based in Sweden and the Netherlands. The core team consists of Eric Lavesson, Acke Salem and Aron Kramer. We also work with various freelancers and other talents on a project-basis.

The company started in December (as the name hints) of 2014 with the lead developer Eric starting to work on Cathedral by himself after having designed and toyed with the idea of Cathedral for a long time and simultaneously working on both games and as a consultant/developer.

Eric approached Aron a few months later to get help with producing chiptunes and sound effects for the game. After working together for a while, it turned out that they worked really well together and decided to start a business together.

After around a year of developing together and working on Cathedral, a third person, Acke Salem, came into the company too and at this point acts as CEO and takes care of the operational parts of the company.

Decemberborn was formally created as a Swedish "Aktiebolag" in January, 2016.

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Cathedral is a game by DecemberBorn which takes you back to the roots of NES gaming and the 8 bit era. Its main focus is on exploring an unknown world...

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RT @nswitchon1: Das 2D-8-Bit-Metroidvania "Cathedral" erscheint noch in diesem Jahr für die Switch. Schaut euch hier den Trailer da…

Sep 20 2020

RT @EldenPixels: Exciting news! We're happy to announce that Alwa's Legacy will release on Nintendo Switch on September 29! We’re br…

Sep 18 2020

RT @EldenPixels: A new chapter has begun for us! Elden Pixels is now an indie publisher and our first title that we’re bringing to t…

Sep 17 2020

RT @Cathedral8bit: Nintendo Switch, here we come! We can finally reveal that we're teaming up with Alwa's Legacy creator

Sep 17 2020

RT @DatFkinDetfly: I'm proudly announcing that I just FINISHED the FIRST EVER @Cathedral8bit Speedrun! I've recorded everything and wi…

Sep 2 2020

RT @EricLavesson: Always fun screwing around with the renderer in @Cathedral8bit and rendering 2D levels as 3D #gamedev

Aug 26 2020

RT @Cathedral8bit: The complete OST for Cathedral, created by @SongHealing, is now available on both Steam and GOG! Steam:…

Jun 8 2020

RT @MetroidvaniaFan: Satisfying bosses, nostalgic presentation, and most of all incredible level design make Cathedral a hidden gem for…

Apr 27 2020

RT @EricLavesson: This is probably still one of my favorite pair of enemies that @JustinGameDev created for @Cathedral8bit

Apr 17 2020

RT @malleira: After 50 hours of playing and two full rounds, here you have it: 100%!!! Waiting for more challenges!!

Apr 16 2020

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