Arcadium Playware is an independent game development effort, based out of pure persistence, enthusiasm and passion about game programming. Long years of research, a moment of inspiration, many, many wake nights and a new game to show to the world.

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Star Decay

Star Decay

Real Time Strategy

Upcoming 2D Space RTS 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate).

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Latest tweets from @aplayware

Just released the FlowShow tool in Unity Asset Store: From frame zero, FlowShow captures and log every single C# m…

Mar 8 2022

Some progress on my #LDJAM #ldjam47 entry "Terra Nova" #screenshotsaturday

Oct 3 2020

So, it is already six years of sales in Unity Asset Store and many, many customers using Impact Deformable for auto…

Feb 28 2018

#LDJAM #LD39 #gamedev Working on ludum dare 39 A point about hexagon maps: looks easy, ITS NOT

Jul 29 2017

StarDecay (indie 4x RTS) progress, slow and steady, core mechanics almost complete now. #screenshotsaturday

Jun 18 2016

#screenshotsaturday of my lovecraftian entry for LD 33 (You are the monster) #LDJAM #gamedev

Aug 29 2015

Progress report for Star Decay (indie game - 4x RTS). Running ok in WebGL

May 20 2015

First view of the upcoming Star Decay indie game (4x RTS), old project revived!

Feb 3 2015