Just to make it clear : THIS IS NOT AN OFFCIAL UPDATE BY THE PARANOIA TEAM! I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE DEV TEAM. This upload is a little demo containing a working escalator in Half-Life. See the RMF in Hammer for details. This hasty release is just done to back up a post I made about this topic. I did this map to work under the mod Paranoia but it should also work with vanilla Half-Life. I didn't care much for the textures used, so some textures are simply not there. Just replace them with whatever you want as this was never ment for release in the first place.

Working Escalator Demo

My god... an update :O!

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Vosla Author

I should have added first that this is not an official release by the dev team and I am not part of it. Sorry.

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Keep up the good work. I tried the mod years ago. :D Hope it turns out great.

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