Two short (maybe three?) maps I made when I was trying to learn how to map in Doom Builder. The first map is what you've basically come to expect from a first DOOM level made by someone who isn't proficient with its game design, but who also isn't 12. The second map is sorta getting to an acceptable level of polish, but then the mappack is over. I might rework shitmaps or add some more content later, but for now, shitmaps is the most appropriate name, I could think of.

grouchbag - - 590 comments

Hey, at least you tried. And I can't map, so that makes you way better than me at it. Cheers! :D

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VaporPrince Author
VaporPrince - - 9 comments

Aw, thanks for the encouraging words :)

I look forward to making DOOM maps in the future. I've always felt like that game has a ton of lessons to take from it

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grouchbag - - 590 comments

You're welcome! Yeah, it does have a ton of lessons. It's actually helped me have a lot of patience especially. Btw, your maps weren't that bad, you show some promise. Keep mapping!

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