Tremble, before the screams of the forsaken, this mad realm of brass and bone. Before you, the ocean of blood from a million unnamed souls and skulls from uncounted engagements across the galaxy. All circling, all encompassing, a great throne of twisted iron and burnished brass. Between the maelstrom of gore and viscera that purveys the field of combat, your mind attaches to one single thought. What creature of rage could possibly lay claim to this hell? None other, than the blood god himself. The theatre of gore.

Theater of Gore (4 Players) - Map - Photogenic Whorse
PhotogenicWhorse Author

I'm not smart enough to think of a pun that rhymes with Spore and Gore for the other chaos gods that will allow me to complete this collection of maps. If you can think of one for either Tzeentch or Slaanesh let me know. Also please let me know if there's missing models or textures errors, these maps are worthless if they have big pink questions marks littering them.

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Theatre of Lore for Tzeentch and Theatre of Whores for Slaanesh.

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This, I like this.

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Good work mate :)

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