came across a crash with the hunter in the garbage while using LoW's and BaS, the fatal error in the log, said it was missing the 12x70 buck so I made a patch to fix this! (if you do or have dug into the files, you'll also realize that i have added a new ammo type, an unsold and maybe also a unrecognized ammo type from both mods......however funnily enough it's from *BaS* originally, for a *also* unsold *unique* unobtainable rifle, now i don't like spoiling secrets ((or dreams)) but I may or may not be working with Yuri intandem and also on a pet project with him to potentially restore some functionality to this lost ((and forgotten)) unique, quite special weapon...) ((Edit: If he ever comes back that is, hehe))

BaS and LoW's Buck ammo (Fatal Error) Fix + The Text fix for it

Amazing, I literally just ran into this problem right before you posted! Thank you!

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OttoVonLitmarck Author

your welcome, anon!

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