Sunlust is a set of 32 boom-compatible maps for Doom II, designed to be played from pistol start. The maps meander through a range of themes, from traditional bases and temples to abstract hellish, void, and tech aesthetics. UV is designed primarily for ubermensch doom-gods, thus we encourage most players to start off on HMP or lower.

Captain_Crazy - - 2 comments

******* Br00tal. Excellently designed. I'm not a test-tube baby so I'm still stuck on some hard parts.

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janzelinka - - 1 comments

It's pretty damn hard. Overall I like level design, but there are two scenarios that appear way too often - 1) Cyberdaemon appears and you have to make him attack other monsters 2) you press some button and hordes of creatures spawn next to your face, then you go to another room and do the same thing again. I play it with brutal doom v20 and Ultra violence difficulty, atm map 17. BTW how can I fix missing so much textures? Anyway good job!

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zhald2 - - 7 comments

****'s hot!

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