Two levels set in a nukage base. The idea was to make two small speedmaps using some Linkin Park MIDIs that we downloaded as the music. This is the first time we are working together on a WAD and we intended to release them on May 15 (Karthik's birthday). But later on, we decided to spend more time on the levels and add some new graphics too. The levels are called "4GOT<10" and "EN/DA:ND" (named after Linkin Park songs) and the name of the WAD, "Reanimated" is inspired by the Linkin Park album "Reanimation".

pixl_man - - 43 comments

Downloaded this mainly because of the Linkin Park MIDIs. Levels are alright, but they abuse of the old "spawn-a-monster-in-your-face" trick. On another note, they don't seem to have a nicely escalating difficulty: you're facing imps and BAM! a spider, BAM! an archvile, BAM! a mancubus. Not recommended for newcomers. To veterans... well, the music is cool. If you're into LP.

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