(9 levels) He remembered staring out the window of the giant spacecraft, trying not to think. Stars slowing crawled across the viewport, inching ever onwards in the hollow void surrounding the ship. Why the hell am I going back?He was the only passenger, and his sigh echoed in the empty chamber. The massive, hulking craft held but one man.Standard military procedure, he thought. Nothing short of fucking ridiculous. Let’s haul out an Infitum Class star cruiser for one freaking marine. Not that anyone would want to come with him; he was the only person who survived the...incident before. ‘Course, the irony is that what followed was infinitely worse. They thought Phobos was bad... Phobos. Home sweet home, he thought, and sighed again.

Phobos: Anomaly Reborn

I really enjoyed this mod! It had a good difficulty curve and a nice detailed set of large exploratory maps. I don't see any reason why it's marketed as a replacement for Doom Episode 1 though because it really has nothing to do with Episode 1 outside of some basic visual cues for about 1 map and after that is becomes it's own beast.

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I'm late but these maps are fantastic! Good job

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