you NEED part 1 installed as well for this to work. This file is big as it contains many redux textures, just imagine playing perfected with redux textures! actually no, don't imagine, THIS MOD MAKES IT HAPPEN! it also includes absolute HD, sikkmod, wulfen and monoxead as well!

Perfected Premium Pack part 2

Thank you for the kind words but I would be nothing without help from some other talented modders especially doomtrinity. Glad you're enjoying PD3. I will try this out ASAP.

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R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E Author

No problem man, I'll be working on small improvements for pd3.

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thanks Recezy for the awesome shout out i am very happy and thankful for your awesome support it means alot...

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Recezy check your message box thanks

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recezy check this mod out its so cool.

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why throw off on eiion's work instead why not help out with tips or just support him I mean you all must really hate other people like eiion because he is different and will probably get a programming job while you all are still doing these amateur mods that's how the shy kid is in school they hate on him because he is different others don't understand what people go through and you should respect eiion recezy I think you don't like anybody that is different you would side with the others than support and be a friend for eiion. that's why you are siding with all these other bullies on the internet because you are afraid of losing the chance to be able to mod here. I think you should try to be his friend instead of being the opisite. i should say this john carmack had the same outcome when he written a program on paper and took it to electronic arts and walked in and said i am going to be a great programmer and they read his program and threw it in his face and told him to leave. um look at him know he was different like eiion is I think eiion is special and he may have the same outcome as john Carmack so i thought you should know this recezy it may help eiion if you were a friend to him instead of a enemy. because these people on the internet is not your friends they are always your enemy that's the truth of the internet all complete strangers behind the fake names.

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R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E Author


New features v3!
*new* weapon lightning gun replaces mp5
*new* ROE armour replacing old armour
*new* dynamic shaders
*new* activated anistrophy
*new* added shotgun pump to chaingun on reload animation
*new* blue muzzle flash colour for pistol, machine gun and rocket launcher
*new * Item heroin pack for maggots loot drop
*new* increased glare effect duration and radius of all demon projectiles
*new* predator and alien bots to assist you in battle hot key: L and X
*new* added the rest of the ammo on the HUD, credit to eiion CEO!!
*new* quake 3 monsters now drop marine helmet that gives armour
*new* added bja bonus map and hellcampaign to automatically load in the normal campaign

Fixed ammo counters not showing up on hud for some weapons
Fixed low textures
Fixed particle effect of smoke on revenant rocket that replicated cyberdemon rocket
Fixed pistol decal to proper one
Fixed slow reload for double barrel shotgun
Fixed insane splash radius of chaingun and plasma gun
Fixed model for bfg device
Fixed low textured cola cans models
Fixed high grey scale
Fixed high health for maggots
Fixed elevators not working
Fixed low bloom
Fixed screen blood lasting too long
Fixed low medkit healing
Fixed a lot of sounds
Fixed insane quake monsters knockback
Fixed up the mod to be more cleaner and removed junk

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