lynx i hornet fx edit spbs i epbs files end weapon

models eldar

THANK YOU FEDOR! Going to implement these now and will let you know!

Very much appreciate this!

Edit: eldar_lynx.rgd still is corrupted. :( Can you fix? Need those OE hardpoint names + their muzzle/origin coordinates.

Edit #2: I was able to open the rgd in a test project in ModStudio so I think I should be ok to read the hardpoints and their coordinates now. Just have to see if it fires the main weapon properly now. :)

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Gambit_1 Online

PRETTY good design and overall appearance.
I see another mod coming this way, featuring this beauty....

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I incorporated all the new EBPS logic and still the Lynx's main weapon (sonic cannon) is still firing to the top-left of the screen no matter in what position the Lynx is facing. :( Can this be fixed?

Also, for the Hornet, can you also add for each hardpoint side Shuriken Cannons, Scatter Lasers, Starcannons, Missile Launchers, and Pulse Lasers? This would complement its current Bright Lances. The Hornet is meant to be versatile in terms of its combat role.

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