This mod adjusts the equipment given at the start of Call of Pripyat so you start off with less forgiving equipment, similar to that of previous S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Less Forgiving Starting Equipment

Starting with better equipment makes sense since the main character is an undercover military man this time, not an amnesiac that was found by others. They suited him up for his mission.

Also, not to undermine the effort, but can't the player simply drop the items they want if they think it is too generous?

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Panzermann11 Author

That's something I thought a bit when I was making this mod, however I wanted a feel of progressive challenge when I was playing, so I made this mod. There was a trench coat you can buy from shops that, with the more superior Sunrise suit I felt like there was no point in buying. The intro mentions Degtyarev having an assault rifle though, so maybe I'll update the mod to make him carry an AKS-74U at the start of the game.

About that last statement, that seems about right but you could also just sell them to Owl instead for extra money.

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I think need randomize start equipment. Like on CoC, or loot from dead stalkers. Every new game with new random generated equipment.

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